The Butter Paint Collection
Want the look of luscious thick oil paint?
Then this collection is for you! The 47 textures
in this set are unique in their brush strokes
and coloring and so much fun to work with!
The Bohemian Canvas

Striking and bold, this set of textures will
give your images the look of an oil painting
on rough canvas.
The Graphic Arts Collection
A dynamic and "designer" set of textures,
this collection is perfect for adding an edgy
twist to your images.
The Italian Collection
This texture set was inspired by the years
that Melissa lived in Italy, recalling to memory
the patina, color and texture of the Italian
countryside and cityscape.
The Winter Solstice
Mini Collection

With textures that actually shimmer, this
collection evokes the color and moods of winter,
lending a festive air to your images.
New! The Canvas Collection
Originally created for my digital oil paintings, these textures mimic the gessoed canvas surface used in traditional oil painting.
New! The Monet Collection
Add the colors and light of a French garden to your images with this delightful set of Impressionist textures.
New! The Summer in Mexico Collection
Add the colors and beauty of Mexico to your images with this wild and exotic set of new textures!